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He has not improved in any sector in the second round he has made

Obviously, his family has lived with great intensity the events that occurred in Catalonia in recent times. His father, Salvador Balliu, is the mayor of Caldes de Malavella (Girona) representing PDeCAt, the successor party of the former Convergència Democràtica de Catalunya and which defines himself as “democrat, Catalan, independent, pro-European and humanist.". Salvador Balliu will be at Rico Pérez today in case his son’s long-awaited and historic debut with the team led by Christian Panucci takes place.

Singapore will be the setting for the fifteenth round of the Formula 1 calendar this weekend. The event takes place at night, in the light of thousands of spotlights on the splendid urban layout of Marina Bay. The perfect setting for a new duel between world leader Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) and his most direct rival, Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari). At the moment 30 points separate the two best riders in the World Championship and Vettel needs to react after the disappointment in Italy.


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F1 GP Singapore

The Singapore Grand Prix can be seen on television through the Movistar F1 payment platform and as well as in the live notifications that this Sunday can follow the Sport website.

These are the scheduled times for training and the race, transferred to Spanish time.

Thursday, September 13, Thursday, September 13

Pilots press conference 11:45 am

Friday September 14

Free training 1 10.30am – 12.00pm Free training 2 2.30pm – 4pm

Saturday September 15

Free practice 3 12.00h – 13: 00h Classification 15.00h – 16.00h

Sunday September 16

Race 14.10h (61 laps)

The Albania coach, Christian Panucci, surprised with a staunch defense of Gerard Piqué, at the press conference prior to the match against Spain that will be played this Friday at the José Rico Pérez in Alicante. Panucci was blunt in stating that "Piqué preceded me a guy with eggs, with many eggs, with courage. I don’t want to get involved in their political affairs, but I like more people who are clear, with character and who have sincerity, not those who have a double face".


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Jordi Gil @jordigil

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Christian Panucci: "Pique has a lot of balls"

Panucci, in a long reply added that "Piqué decides about his life, in the world there are worse things than this, but for me he deserves a lot of respect and what he wants to do with his life ”. Regarding the whistles he may receive from the Alicante fans, the former Real Madrid player assured that the central defender is a footballer “with personalities, playing at a very high level, who knows how to handle these things. I don’t think these things affect him".

Whistled Piqué upon arrival in Alicante

Manolo el del Bombo fails as a mediator for Piqué

The match between Spain and Albania, in which La Roja can certify their qualification for the World Cup in Russia, is marked by all the uproar around Piqué for his comments in favor of the referendum in Catalonia.

Michael Masi, F1 race director, has communicated the procedure that will be followed in times of Covid-19 to celebrate the podium ceremony. The first we will see today in Austria. It will be located on the finish line, the three riders will stand on platforms xbet1 that maintain a safe distance, and the tradition of champagne will be preserved.

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F1 GP Austria

The F1 note notes the following:

"The top three finishers will have to slow down significantly after passing the first corner to ensure that they are the last three cars on the track. Everyone else will have to pass them when it is safe to do so".

"Drivers who finish in the first three positions will have to drive back to the finish straight, where they will find the signs for the first, second and third placed near the finish line".

"No one can be in that area except the team mechanics, the stewards, the televisions to which the FIA ​​has given its authorization and three photographers with the permission of the FIA".

"As soon as they get out of their cars, the three drivers will weigh themselves on the FIA ​​portable scales. Each pilot must keep all their clothing until they have been weighed, which includes helmet and jumpsuit, etc.".

"After they have been weighed, the post-race interviews will be done, by Jenson Button".

"As soon as the interviews are over, a remote-controlled truck will bring water and towels to the pilots".

"Right in front of the three cars, a platform will be installed with the steps for the first, second and third place".

"Each rider will receive their Pirelli cap, in which they will find a mask to wear during the podium ceremony".

"When the pilots are ready, an official announcement of the ceremony will be made so that each pilot can go to their corresponding step".

"National anthems will sound and virtual flags will fly".

"The trophies will be awarded in the following order without the involvement of dignitaries:

– Winning driver

– Winning team representative

– Second classified

– Third classified

"The celebration will be done with champagne".

This is Formula 1 in times of Covid-19

Hamilton aims at "Kaiser" at the COVID-19 World Cup, which will open in Austria

"After the podium ceremony, the top three finishers will go to the FIA ​​press conference".

Three months later, it’s qualifying Saturday. The ‘new normal’ in Formula 1 starts today in Austria with the first ‘qualy’ of the 2020 season. What seems to have not changed is the favoritism of Mercedes. Hamilton is running as a great favorite to achieve pole position after also dominating the last practice of the weekend.


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Arnau montserrat


F1 GP Austria

Mercedes has not been satisfied with placing Hamilton in the first place, but has signed three doubles with Valtteri Bottas in the second position of the three sessions. Only Verstappen seems ready to fight the black arrows. Sainz, for his part, will fight with the tight mid-grid area to get into Q3.

Don’t miss any details of what happens in the classification of the Austrian Grand Prix with



It has been a pleasure! Tomorrow we return with all the details of what happens in the race. Regards!

Q3 CLASSIFICATIONIt was CLOSE between the Mercedes pair! Norris splits the Red Bulls in P4 #AustrianGP &# 127462;&# 127481; # F1

– Formula 1 (@ F1) July 4, 2020


The man of the day. First pole man of the 2020 season. Can Bottas finally fight for the World Cup? Tomorrow he must take the first step in the race.

&# 128640;&# 128640;&# 128640; @ValtteriBottas takes the first pole of 2020! &# 128079; Mercedes team mate @LewisHamilton finishes P2 with @ Max33Verstappen in third # AustrianGP &# 127462;&# 127481; # F1

– Formula 1 (@ F1) July 4, 2020


Pole position for a Bottas who has gone to the sand on his second try. Good scare for the Finn.


Sainz has finally been eighth. He has not improved in any sector in the second round he has done.


12 thousandths of difference! Hamilton second, Verstappen third … NORRIS FOURTH!




Three minutes to go … The moment of truth has come. Last try for everyone.


Norris also came strong but has aborted the lap. 5 minutes to go.


Bottas first! Hamilton from behind. Sainz third with a great lap. Pérez and Leclerc from behind.


The Mercedes leave and immediately after the Mclaren. Also the only living Ferrari, Leclerc.


Let’s go for the main course of the day … Wow Q3!


Bottas was the fastest. Sainz has also done a great lap and will be in a Q3 where the Mercedes will fight for pole position.


ELIMINATED: Vettel, Gasly, Kvyat, Ocon, Grosjean.


And it could have been worse because Leclerc was tenth! No mistakes … Ferrari is not doing well.