Jack-Hoang realizes that this is progressing unusually slowly
Jack-Hoang realizes that this is progressing unusually slowlyhe spoke out in favor of refraining from voting machines and instead documenting every vote on paper. Mockingly he asked: "" Why can't we count the votes by hand like a civilized country? "He sees the infrastructure of voting for the presidential election as the greatest risk of […]

Jack-Hoang realizes that this is progressing unusually slowly

he spoke out in favor of refraining from voting machines and instead documenting every vote on paper. Mockingly he asked: "" Why can't we count the votes by hand like a civilized country? "

He sees the infrastructure of voting for the presidential election as the greatest risk of manipulation. Other risks are the theft of emails and campaigns in social media, for example with automated programs, so-called bots. 

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 This year there have been no major attacks on political institutions in the US, said the computer specialist. The reason for this is presumably only that the attackers wanted to wait for the 2020 election year.

In the USA, investigations are currently underway to determine the extent to which there was a disinformation campaign in favor of election winner Donald Trump, run by Russia or other actors, in the 2016 presidential election.

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Three days after the elections in Zimbabwe, the police stormed the headquarters of the largest opposition party. 16 people were arrested. 

After the election in Zimbabwe, the police stormed the headquarters of the largest opposition party, the MDC. 16 people were reportedly arrested. During protests, soldiers shot six people on Wednesday. The situation in Harare remains tense. 

After the election in Zimbabwe: Army shoots demonstrators

The police came to the opposition office with a search and seizure warrant, the party's lawyer said. The police said that there was subversive material. They wanted to confiscate this as well as several computers and take the people who were in the party headquarters into custody. It may be scare tactics. "" 16 people have been taken away and we will now find out if they have been detained. ""

Unclear about the election result

On Monday, for the first time since the coup against longtime dictator Mugabe in Zimbabwe, people were called to elect a parliament and a president. Violent protests broke out against the official result of the parliamentary elections, after which the ruling Zanu-PF party received a two-thirds majority and can thus amend the constitution. The opposition party MDC declared itself the election winner.

The official election result has not yet been announced. Even before the announcement, the opposition announced that if President Emmerson Mnangagwa wins, it will contest the result "" under the constitution. "We cannot accept deceptions, inventions and falsehoods," said opposition leader Nelson Chamisa.

If the opposition should actually not recognize the election result, experts expect mass protests. Pre-election polls predicted a head-to-head race between Mnangagwa, a representative of the old guard, and the reformer Chamisa.how to write an essay on community service

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Subsequently discovered irregularities in the Hessen election shake the formation of the government. A head of a Frankfurt polling station reports what surprised him on election day - and why he is in favor of a recount of all Frankfurt constituencies.

The 70 euros allowance for work on election Sunday was quickly on Ralf Jack-Hoang's account. "" At least that worked. "" His motivation as an election worker has been attacked, "" the people in charge only feel a Larifari attitude "". The FDP in Frankfurt is already demanding that the election supervisor and election office boss be released from these tasks.

Because a lot did not work out in the Main metropolis on the day of the state elections, there could still be a surprising turnaround and the SPD become the second largest party instead of the Greens. Then a traffic light alliance would be conceivable for the FDP, which under no circumstances wanted to elect a Green as Prime Minister.

Jack-Hoang told t-online.de how he experienced election Sunday, which has now come back into focus: some things were different from previous elections, where he was also the electoral officer. But he had no idea the extent of the breakdowns.

7.30 a.m. on October 28th: ​​The caretaker has worked well in the Max-Beckmann-Schule, a high school in the Bockenheim-Süd district. When Ralf Jack-Hoang comes to the polling station, the tables are already set up for the election. What did not work again: The barrier-free way to vote is not signposted. "" I had already criticized that for the last three elections. Nobody in the city feels responsible to put up signs. ""

At the polling station, the 50-year-old agrees with the other poll workers, after several elections it is almost routine for the former chairman of the Green District Group for Bockenheim and Westend.

The documents for the election are ready in the room - unlike in previous years: "" They were brought to my home and I was able to check them beforehand. "" Later he will notice that it was better.

8 a.m .: The election begins, the election officials are in their seats. There are 1,369 eligible voters in the electoral district. On this day, 550 people across the city received invitations to the wrong polling stations, some of which were sent to the other end of town. 

Final result on Friday The corrected result from Frankfurt is not yet known. It is to be published with the announcement of the official final result on Friday. Not only will the substantial corrections from Frankfurt flow into this, small corrections in many places are normal. Nothing will change in the distribution of seats in the state parliament. However, the SPD can then be ahead of the Greens in terms of votes. The Greens and the CDU have postponed their decision on coalition talks, the SPD and FDP now also want to hold a joint exploratory discussion with the Greens about a traffic light coalition.

Afternoon: So far, nobody has come to vote at the Max Beckmann School who does not belong here. But there were an unusually large number of voters who stated that they had not received a voting notification. In the polling station, the helpers think back to the mayoral election in Frankfurt in February and the embarrassment about the turnout. The city had initially said that it was at a record level. “And we were happy, that motivated us.” “Later the city had to admit that it had forgotten to count the EU citizens when calculating the eligible voters.

6 p.m .: The election is over, the ballot box is opened. In addition to the state parliament, the Hessians could also vote on constitutional amendments - and the pieces of paper are the same color. A little annoyance when pre-sorting. Jack-Hoang and his team then sort by second vote, count through, then sort by first vote, count through again. 

Signpost for a polling station in Frankfurt: There have been mistakes and confusions in the city. (Source: Frank Rumpenhorst / dpa / dpa)

7.30 p.m .: Counted out. The result has been checked, here in Bockenheim the Greens have clearly won with 261 votes ahead of the SPD with 141. The secretary is now responsible for sending the quick report. Call the municipal election office. "" She got through relatively quickly. ""

At the other end there is an employee who is supposed to receive the data. Jack-Hoang realizes that this is progressing unusually slowly. "" When our secretary finished, she told me it was all handwritten. ""

The woman in the electoral office should have entered the data in WahlWeb. But that is not available. A spokesman for the responsible department head Jan Schneider (CDU) will later say only two out of 40 computers.

The WahlWeb program is being used nationwide for the first time, there had been security concerns about the software that the city and several other municipalities had previously used. And with the nationwide use of the new program, there was probably an overload of one and a half hours, the regional election officer Wilhelm Kanther later told journalists.

With the vast majority of electoral offices, however, this has not become a problem. In Frankfurt, however, there were also "" problems of their own in communication, according to the election officer.

The failure means that there is no automatic plausibility check that could draw attention to strange results; errors can occur when the data is later transferred to the system. And that's what happens in Frankfurt. An electoral district in a good area where the CDU only got 6.9 percent second votes? The result is reported to the election officer.

The electoral office will later admit that 314 more ballot papers were cast in a polling station than were taken into account in the preliminary election results. In the whole of Frankfurt there could be at least 2000 corrected votes, reports the "" Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung "". The result was corrected in 80 electoral districts, reports the "" Frankfurter Rundschau "".

A voter throws her ballot into the ballot box: Hundreds of votes could be corrected. (Source: Frank Rumpenhorst / dpa)

"" I don't think it was the counting, "says Jack-Hoang. "" During the transmission, things were mixed up. "" Most election workers are not doing this for the first time either, the counting teams are sufficiently large. And that's why he finds it "" totally critical "" two weeks after the election that the city only had 28 electoral districts recounted. If there is a structural error, he expects something different. You have to take the wind out of everyone's sails and report doubts. "" For that you would have to count all of them again. I say that, even if it went smoothly here and in many places. ""

There are electoral districts, of which only estimates were included in the results of the election night. According to Deutschlandfunk, no results were available from eleven districts - because the secretaries from the polling stations did not get through. "" Due to a technical failure, the 40 recording stations were no longer able to accept calls promptly, "admitted Hans-Joachim Grochocki, head of the municipal office in Wahl, according to the" Frankfurter Neue Presse ". That is why the newspaper, for example, Petra Tursky-Hartmann, deputy electoral officer of a voting district in the Sachsenhausen district, reports that "" no one has "been reached for hours to pass on the results" ". 

There are always estimates by state or federal returning officers when the results of individual electoral districts can no longer be determined on election night, explains Matthias Cantow, one of the employees of the site wahlrecht.de. "" Their sole purpose is to use the preliminary result to form a relatively reliable basis for the preliminary allocation of seats. ""

With the relatively large number of constituencies affected and such a tight result, this is unsatisfactory, says Cantow. The SPD was only 94 votes behind the Greens. In addition, the preliminary result must be linked to meaningful references to the estimates, demands Cantow. 

8 p.m.: The election workers at the Max Beckmann School can go. They had the next surprise when they were packing the ballot papers. The electoral office has delivered three envelopes. The ballot papers are to be put into these envelopes sorted by party and the envelopes are to be sealed. "" For one party alone we needed two envelopes. "" 

Quickly explained: This is how it goes after the counting mishaps Hesse: Will the SPD still be the second strongest force? Now after all: Schäfer-Gümbel is promoting the Ampel-Koalition at Hessen-FDP

Jack-Hoang ties the other ballot papers together with rubber bands. "" An election costs a lot of money. It can't be that there aren't enough envelopes. "" The bundles end up in two pockets that the election officials leave behind so that they can be picked up the next day. "" That was the first choice where they shouldn't be taken home. "" The classroom isn't locked.

Monday: Ralf Jack-Hoang calls the election office and lists everything that struck him negatively. "" The employee told me not to look like this. ""

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Horst Seehofer has admitted mistakes in dealing with the CDU. In the asylum dispute and the Maaßen case, however, he was always focused on the matter. 

CSU boss and Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer has admitted that he may not always have hit style and tone in the refugee debate. Otherwise, he always oriented himself to the matter in the discussions in the grand coalition about refugee policy or in the debate about Maaßen, head of the protection of the constitution, said Seehofer.

Seehofer: party conference "" the best instrument ""

Therefore, the new Bavarian Prime Minister will now be elected first and then the poor election result in the CSU will be analyzed in detail and a decision will be made on possible personnel consequences.